Darkness Unleashed

Darkness Unleashed - Belinda Boring I think I just developed trusting issues while reading this series!
i'm in utter astonishment after finishing this book.(well,I'm shell shocked to be exact)
this book makes me feel so much! "love,hate,bittersweet,betrayal...& so many more!", well done Belinda you are the best in this territory of suspense and cliffhangers
if i thought that the previous book's ending was shocking, this one is even more, i had goosebumps all over my arms while reading the last two pages of Darkness Unleashed.
I Just need to get it out, WHY did u choose him to be the devil WHYY?! he was my dear one(I cried when I discovered who he was!!)
after reading each book in the Mystic Wolves series I keep asking the same questions Why this, Why that, how did it happen, how didn't i see it coming..., it really drive me crazy. but i love it anyway <3