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Book: WitchWar
Serie : WitchBlood #5 
Publication date: January 8th 2016.
Author: Emma Mills
Genre:Paranormal, Vampires.











In the final book of the Witchblood series we find Jess and her friends ten years on, about to battle with enemies on all sides, as the supernatural world crashes into the human domain.

With everybody’s lives on the line Jess will need to work out who she can trust before a deadly witch hunt threatens to uncover them all. Death and love will once again consume her life, but only one side can win.

*If you haven’t tried the WitchBlood Series the first book, ‘WitchBlood’ is free to download.






Excerpt: (Prologue to the WitchBlood series - WitchFire)

Brooke looked about her. The trees were mainly evergreen firs, tall and
skinny, with prickly trunks and branches that deterred even the most
desperate climber, but the forest floor was softer, covered with dry pine
needles that clung to her clothing. Remembering the fall, she tentatively
touched her head where it felt tender and found a small bump. She looked
down at her now filthy hands, where she confirmed that her skin had indeed
been grazed badly by the bark. Wincing as she pulled herself upright, she
decided to explore a little, and that was when she noticed the trees were
letting much more light in from one side of the forest than the other. A
little way behind her the trees began to spread out, meadow grass and
bluebells beginning to encroach upon the shadows.

Cautiously she moved towards what seemed to be the edge of the forest,
stopping every few steps to listen, but everything was still and silent, too
silent. She found a dense bit of thorny shrub enclosed by a couple of firs
right on the edge of the meadow and crawled in, so she could check out her
new surroundings in relative safety. Moving a couple of spiky branches, she
peered through the forest line and into a small meadow which was totally
enclosed by woodland. She could hear the babbling of a stream somewhere
close, and as she scanned the farthest edge of the meadow she realised that
tucked into the shadows of the wood stood a small log cabin.

As her attention was drawn to the cabin, a blonde girl of what must have
been a similar age to herself opened the door, furtively glancing about. She
seemed to look directly at Brooke before shooting out from the doorway and
darting around the back, disappearing into the woods behind. She appeared to
be dressed in a strangely old-fashioned grey nightdress of some sort, yet
that seemed odd in the middle of the forest. There was something
recognisable about the girl, with her mid-length wavy hair, but she couldn’t
quite place it and she’d only caught a fleeting glimpse. 

The door had slammed behind the girl and a couple of minutes later, just as
Brooke considered leaving her hiding place and venturing over to the
cottage, she once again heard a rustling in the forest behind her. She
crouched lower in the bush, feeling the thorns stabbing her bare arms and
neck. Just as she flattened herself out and held her breath, men dressed in
a familiar black appeared on either side of her.




Review & Previous Praise:

~~ 1 ~~ Read it, read it now!

~~ 2 ~~ 

I only recently discovered Emma Mills and decided that since we share the
same name I'd give her books a try. I went through the Witchblood series and
Flying with Fire within a matter of days. Emma writes in a way that draws
you in from the opening sentences. Her books are full of action and the
addition of a brooding hero always adds to the attraction.
Flying with Fire is a prequel to the Witchblood series, but you do not need
to have read them to know what's going on (although I highly recommend



About Author:





Emma Mills is a stay-at-home mum. She shares her home with her husband, two children, a dog, 3 cats, a house rabbit and a tankful of fish. Once her youngest child started school she began to write.


WitchBlood was published in January 2012, swiftly followed by WitchCraft and WitchLove. Emma published what she had intended to be the finale of the series, WitchHunt, a week after moving her family south to Somerset, in November 2013. A prequel to the series, WitchFire, followed in 2014.


However, after fans began asking for more, a plan began to develop. The Witchblood Series didn’t feel finished, so WitchWar was born. Emma says now that she has written WitchWar, she feels that the series is complete. WitchWar is set ten years after WitchHunt. It has everything you want from a supernatural final book: fear, heartbreak and resolution.