Oblivion by J.L.Armentrout

Oblivion - Jennifer L. Armentrout
Book: Oblivion
Serie : Lux #1.5
Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout
Genre: Upper YA Paranormal Romance
Edition:Kindle Edition, 1005 pages

Angry rant/ Review


Truthfully I was pretty excited when I heard that JLA was going to release a new book on the lux series, and when I heard it was from Daemon point of view I might’ve pierced my brother’s ear drums from screaming and squealing loudly. Because guys, this is Daemon Black we’re talking about the hot sexy alien living next door, the tragic asshole that stole my heart at 16 years old, my first book boyfriend EVER!

But….. but……. BUT……

I thought that this would have something refreshing, have something I didn’t already know.  Maybe new freaking scenes!!

God I’m disappointed, probably a little pissed.


 It’s not that I didn’t like it. The first book was pretty decent. Those Katy-Daemon scenes were everything that I remembered and loved, funny, snarky, hot…. I really missed them. But by the end of the first I realized that there was nothing, absolutely nothing interesting happening and when I got the  2nd and 3rd book I pretty much was like (read a couple of pages, then skip. Skip. Skip. Read a couple more then skip. Skip. Skip…..) To the point where I finished them in mere hours!


Maybe to someone else who did not read the series before they might’ve appreciate this book more, I honestly don’t get why this book was published if it was just to make the exact same replica of Obsidian, this is….. *no offense to the author* but the general idea is pretty dumb.


This is a waste of money and energy AND time for the author and readers who already read the lux series.



I can’t decide for those who haven’t read the serie.


But if you want to try this serie then I advise you to start with the original one, obsidian. There’s more mystery and excitement over there than this one.


Again, I don’t get why this book was published. Who freaking approved of this?!


NOTE TO PUBLISHERS: this is wrong and those covers are F***ING UGLY!!!