The immortal rules (a blood of eden novel) by Julie Kagawa

The Immortal Rules  - Julie Kagawa

5+ STARS !!

This is by far the most exciting story that I’ve had the pleasure to read by Julie Kagawa. I gave this one a deserving FIVE stars and plus because it had it all a kickass strong realistic female character a great world building a flawless dazzling story, My God by the last hundred pages I was gripping the book fiercely and sitting on the edge of my seat for about 20 minutes straight. One word people EPIC!

Allison is one heck of a badass character I Loved her, Kagawa made her to be rational full of commonsense. She acted like every teenage at her age yet not forgetting about her dark side, no sugarcoating the truth. She made her to be a Vampire a true Predator mixed with a tiny human touch. And that was refreshing. Paranormal nowadays are sooo cheesy and the character are so love struck that I became so wary around this genre. However with this one I was MIND BLOWN.

I liked how the blurb did not reveal much, mysterious as it was I was left wondering what purpose Allison had next, because she can’t keep following human around forever. And what’s her role in all of this craziness. Even after the book ended, I had some hypothesis but I’m still pretty much in the dark. Gaah I can’t think….
As for the male characters, one was pretty dark and the other was cheerful and full of life. Bottom line, love them both!
I need the next book like NOW , I should’ve bought the whole series while I was in Europe. These books aren’t available in Africa *frustrated scream*