.Lumiére by Garlick Jacqueline

Lumière (The Illumination Paradox) - Jacqueline Garlick

“I received this book from netGalley in exchange for an honest review. This is in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.”

Lumiére by Garlick Jacqueline. the First in the Illumination Paradox serie is a YA steam punk fantasy.

This is by far my most frustrating yet exciting read I read this month, the world and plot the author created was brilliant! And what I like more was the Romance in the story. It actually took the back seat and instead focused a lot about the problem at hand. Not exaggerated and heat warming this novel proves that looks doesn’t matter and to never believe before seeing and hearing the real truth before judging

I Must say that the story was kind of expected however as fixed as it was, it was still unbelievable.
Characters on the other hand were realistic, fact based and very relatable, well expect Eyelet. I did not like her that much she was (most of the time) childish, nosy and annoying, her curiosity and questions where irrational and very absurd overall her character was over the top exaggerated. and the reason why I gave a 4 stars

As for the writing, it was a travel thru time, as an International reader I revised and learned so many perished words that people seized to use. I enjoyed that very much.