The Iron Knight By Julie Kagawa

The Iron Knight - Julie Kagawa

The Iron Knight (Iron Fey, #4)

brief introduction:

Ashallayn’darkmyr Tallyn, son of Mab and former prince of the Unseelie Court, and former knight of Meghan Chase decided that he can no longer live without his Iron queen who he will love and protect at all costs, but the problem is he connot survive in the Iron Realm, but he is determined to be by her side and be the knight she needs, therefore he embarked in a dangerous journey where he has to comfort som part of his demons and past...

but can he really finish his quest and return to his Queen? or will he surrender to his past doubts?

My opinion:

I truly loved this book, it had a perfect ending couldn't ask for more,

And note this please I know some of you who have read this book thinks that Ash is an unloyal and selfish bastard, but what you fail to understand is that he is not your typical boy next door nor the famous quarterback in your highschoolNo People, He is Ash former winter prince (a.k.a Ice-boy as Puck would name him ;I love that crazy Faery to by the way )a powerful winter fey who was raised to hate, hurt, kill, and disgrace everyone who stood in his path (scary i know ) or in the face of his former queen the Ice-bitch.Sp yeah visiting his mind was a thrilling adventure, it introduced us his real personality his fears, doubts ,He wasn't perfect and I disagree with some of his thought he sometimes was frustrating and stubborn as hell; and sometimes quite the opposite

but overall this serie is a MUST READ go pick it up if you haven't already i assure you, you will not be disappointed

and do ot forget Grimalkin he is still his typical self, intelligent, mysterious and always pope from nowhere, he might be next to you right now shaking his had at you for reading this long review and not jumping straight to that book. and well he is a cat after all!