Cinder By Marissa Meyer

Cinder - Marissa Meyer

3-3.5 STARS

I've seen so many Booktubers recommending this book, that made it impossible to ignore.

So Yeah here I finally picked it up, and truly it was quite a surprise but totally expected...


What can I tell that hasn't already been told; you would know that this book tells the story of a poor girl/Cyborg who is wronged by her adoptive family ( they own her actually so nota big deal)
and there's also charming (but quite boring prince Kai that likes the girl/cyborg, who asks her for a date to the SO Important ball, but she refuses because she hadn't been truthful with him...... and on and on the stories continues around a hopeless love interest (of course the sickness and stuff has been mentioned ).....UNTIL Finally something happens (which by the way was SOOBVIOUS ) I wasn't mind blown at all, just indifferent.

The problem with this book that it lacked description "of how life is in this futuristic world, the means of transport, communication and importantly the characters physical appearances (I still don't have a clear image of how the prince nor Cinder looks).

But lets not forget about the creativity and humor of the author that kept me entertained and led to finish it.
so the second book is worth picking up because I haven't had my fill with this world and I still want to know what happen next.