Rapunzel by Hilton, K.C.

My Name is Rapunzel - K.C. Hilton

2.5-3 STARS

Rapunzel, a story that I’ve read so many time over the years and still read it to my little brother and sister, and my curiosity was the cause that I’ve read this book.

And let me tell you…. I’m not impressed, nah-euh….
The book was soooo dragging and boring that I had to force myself to finish it, fairy tales are rewritten they should have some major changes and twists that keeps us really focused on the story, but this one was 42 pages of excitement and 280 pages of boredom .

You must ask yourself why i gave the book an almost 3 STARS, well, 2 STARS are for Rapunzel I just love her from young age, and the other half-one STAR is actually what happened at the end with Edwin and Luke, yeah that part left my jaw flat on the floor, I DID not expect THAT !

If you read the book you’ll understand what I’m saying.