Rising Tide by Claudette Melanson

Rising Tide: Dark Innocence (The Maura DeLuca Trilogy - Daniel Chon, Claudette Melanson


I'm currently harboring really mixed feelings about this book, well to be honest, i'm slightly disappointed, I didn't downright love it, but I still enjoyed it nevertheless.

I already had an ideas of the story before reading it however while doing so I was kind of confused of the outcome.

I was like " this should be about bloodsuckers and mainly blood but it's not, and essentially it left me asking (what's the point when the action in this one is minimum?!)"

well, from what I could understand, the first installment is this trilogy is only an introduction to Mauras life and how she developed throughout the story, which is kind of impressive.
because, instead of jumping directly in the story and then explain Maura's life in flash backs and fill-in-the-gap thoughts, she actually lay it all out in her first book.

I truly appreciate the authors efforts, the story, the details, the characters... for a debut it's great

by the way I loved maura's mom (not at first) but she did grow on me, however Maura was getting on my nerves constantly.
her state of denial was mindblowing, like WHAT! and I think I broke my eyes due to my excessive eyerolling, my screams of frustration could be heard from a mile away.

now that I got that out of my chest, let's dicuss the ending.
while it was obvious I did not mind and I kind of liked it, because let's be real this is a CLASSICAL vampire novel what did you expect reviewers?!

Overall I'm happy to say that I enjoyed this read and I hope I'll get to the next one soon