Review: Of Royal Descent

Of Royal Descent - Ember Shane


I don't usually read zombie books but this one definitely filled all zombie needs.


Doyle is a normal college student that one day discovers that is biological granpa is alive and that something awful could have happened to him. So he sets off with his BFF Chuck in a long roadtrip, but in the way he starts to change, he feels different... he is becoming something very unhuman.


Of course, the are zombies that all that want is BRRRAAAAIIINS but Doyle is becoming something superior, a royal zombie. A zombie that has more or less control of himself and uses his brain instead of wanting to eat brains.


Best part of the book is the relationship between Doyle and Chuck. We are not only told the are great friends but also shown. Their bromance is great and felt real. 

They also have male voices, they notice things but never in great details and don't exactly talk about their feelings all the time.


My only complain is the love part. Addy was a great love interest; a nurse, older and not a virgin. And everything was great for a while, Doyle tried to keep is changes a secret while dating and getting to know Addy but eventually everything ended up being a case of instalove. Pretty sure they had only seen each other three separate times and already they were claiming to love each other.


Thankfully, the adventure and the mystery of what's happening are more important than love so this book stands as an awesome zombie book.