What Dreams May Come (In Dreams, Book 1)

What Dreams May Come (In Dreams, Book 1) - Beth M. Honeycutt 3 STARS

“I received this book for free from the author (Gieaway). This in no way affected my opinion of the book, or the content of my review.”

Brief story:

The book tells the story of a teenage girl named Eliana (a.k.a Ellie) she's a shy girl with no social life ,has low self-esteem and who seems to always be getting the wrong attention from the wrong people, always misjudged and misunderstood by her family especially her mother and the student at her high school.

But Ellie has a mysterious friend who believes in her and understand her better than anyone, but the problem is the guy is not real (or what they convinced her of), she has only met him in dreams, until one day a new kid arrive at her school who seems to have the same beautiful mysterious familiar eyes.

Could it really be the guy of her dreams that has finally found her? Or, has Ellie finally lost her grip on reality and finally admitting on being the crazy outcast girl that everyone seems to believe?

Opinion :

First of all, I must say that for a debut novel, the book is quite catchy, entertaining, lighthearted and very adorable, I enjoyed reading it very much.
Ellie and Gabe’s scenes were so cute and funny, that I want more,
Can I have more? *puppy dog eyes*

Mitzie the crazy cool BFF of Ellie (a smart girl who knows nothing about what a private life means) I love the girl, I’m certenailly not a fan of Ellie’s mom and she is the one who needs a shrank and how can she be okay with the whole situation at the end of the book when everything was revealed, I still cannot wrap my head around it it so CONFIOUSING, she totally thought her daughter was crazy and then BAM!

Mother: My daughter, I believe you!

no question asked *Ooooookay, weird*.

I don’t know what to say about the other characters since the story was so much focused around the main ones...

I was a bit disappointed in the story line because paranormal stuff were not mentioned that much, until the last chapters. This book has been shelved as a YA paranormal, but in my opinion the paranormal aspect was a little bit neglected.
I still don’t know from where the crazy psych stuff came from? And if it is inherited or if she was born with it or is she just special? So many hypothesis.
And what truly dimmed my hype over this one is that the story revolved around too much high school drama, family drama… (maybe I couldn’t grasp a hold of the storyline, because I have never encountered a bully in my life, my high school life was very peaceful )

Second, the writing: (I’m no one to judge )
but I must say that not every part of it was good, because there was quite repetitive scenes.
such as unnecessary details, half the book was dragging, nothing interesting happened, until after a hundred pages or so…, and also the descriptions, If a characters has been fully described before no need to re-describe him/her again unless it’s a brief ones.

Overall , I would read the second book if I have the chance, because there’s so much things that were left unsettled and I don’t like loose ends. But I highly recommend this book for younger readers.

Don’t let one review scare you away , you never know you might like it! & enjoy!