Best Kind of Broken

Best Kind of Broken - Chelsea Fine 2-2.5 STARS

Brief Story:

main characters are Sarah (a.k.a Pixie) a girl who was wronged and had a bad childhood . And there is Levi the hot handyman. .. he on the contrary lived a very happy life.
these two knew each from the past and they've been close but a tragedy happens and they are separated never talked or seen one another in mounths. until they are reunited once again, but things are not the way they used to be, too much heartache, anger and hurt, but mostly a strong sexual tension whenever they are near together...

Can they overcome there past? or will they kill each other before the end of the book... * suspense *

-_- sigh, I'm very bad at introducing a story without Spoilers, but worry not, this has been spoiler free.
but the end is obviously clear from the summary above.
but I was expecting all the feels that comes while reading a sad story
My opinion:

well it's a Huge disappointment, I was expecting a deep heart wrenching story.but all I've gotten are two stubborn people who are messed up for all the wrong reasons. and they are always whining, accusing closed and very depressing.

waste all my little precious time. (all the homework that could've been done this past five hours) I'm on the verge of tears *sniff* .