Emerald Green (Rouge Rubis #3)

Emerald Green (Precious Stone Trilogy, #3) - Kerstin Gier, Anthea Bell

the book was absolutely captivating, and terrific. all the time travel and lesson about history and those fun characters that I became to love... So many feels!
but I must say I got lost and confused through the story that I started drawing schemes and names and date every few chapters. even though avery thing was in the last page (but it wasn't technical for ebooks) but it so much fun!!
I Recommend this serie, it's va must read for mystery lovers. 

would've give this book 5 stars if it wasn't for all the unfinished business.
this serie needed a 4th book, because obviously green emerald left a lot of gaps 
for example: [spoilers]
• how come gwen see ghosts (that seemed all neglected! )
• how come Mr.good guy became immortal if he didn't sacrifice the raven (the ruby)
• and what's up with the witch stuff *???*
• she can see demons and feel them when they touched her but never asked why??! 
• and what about the other characters ( grace/ Mr.forgotthename de villiers. Lesley/Raphael . Charlotte. .....) the sory was focusing so much on gwen/Gideon thatbit negleted the others. ..

I'm so confused and a bit melancholic... I already miss them :/

BUT to conclude this review I must say that the author had done a great job and must thank her for this wonderful trilogy. I ENJOYED it very much!!